Benefits Management

Fully optimize the way you handle employee benefits and open enrollment.

Why choose Greenlink to manage your benefits?

Boost Employee Engagement

Streamline all your workflows for setting up and administering employee benefits to encourage self-service enrollment and election changes.

Ensure ACA & COBRA Compliance

Native ACA and COBRA features that incorporate up-to-date employee data to assist in automating reporting, minimizing mistakes, and meeting time-sensitive deadlines.

Enhanced Reporting

Leverage pre-built and custom report options to easily share employee data across departments and ensure that the your team has all the necessary information in a consolidated manner.

Open Enrollment

Streamline your enrollment process.

Customized messages and clearly defined enrollment periods make open enrollment smooth and efficient.

Allow employees to easily access all necessary information and complete elections and submissions online, eliminating the need for lengthy benefits meetings and paper forms.

Create a seamless, self-service benefits enrollment process that offers transparency and clarity for employees regarding their benefit plan options.

Retirement Services

Ease retirement concerns.

Attract and retain engaged talent to gain a competitive edge with fully integrated retirement plan services.

Leverage Greenlink's network of third-party administrators or use your own benefit partners to offer your employees 401k and IRA options.

Gather and manage employee census data to determine the most suitable retirement plan options for your employees' needs.

Flexible spending accounts

Integrated HSA and FSA options.

Enhance employee health benefits and retirement plans with secure, FDIC-insured financial accounts and provide web-based, fully integrated portals with 24/7 access to account information, allowing employees to conveniently view and update details, request distributions, change payroll deduction elections, view statements, change beneficiaries, and more.

Carrier Connections

Alleviate administrative work for your team.

Provide your payroll team with instant access to benefit changes and share updates directly with insurance carriers and financial benefit providers using built-in one-way (180°) and two-way (360°) integrations.