Workforce Management

Robust cloud-based tools to manage your organizations time and attendance, scheduling, and expenses.

Time & Labor Management

Maximize accuracy and efficiency while managing time and attendance across your entire workforce.

Attract Better Talent Faster

Source passive candidates into talent pools, incorporate employee referrals, and post your open positions to 4,000+ job boards in a single click.

First Impressions Matter

Make the right first impression and ensure a seamless candidate experience with white-labeled, mobile friendly career sites and applications.

Smarter Hiring Decisions

Reduce the time to hire through built-in collaboration tools that drive communication between team members. provides rapid feedback, and candidate scoring.

Access Actionable Insights

Inform and improve your hiring process with robust reporting. Pre-built and customized reporting means you can make better hiring decisions in less time.


Geofencing is a technique that uses Google Maps API to set up virtual boundaries around a specific location. These boundaries, called "fences," can trigger an alert when someone enters or leaves the defined area.

Time Tracking Tools

Flexible time management for an enhanced employee experience.

Self-Service Punching

Allow your employees to clock in and out, manage their time cards, access their schedules, review time-off balances and requests - all from their own mobile devices.

Virtual Time Clock

An online clock that works in a kiosk-type situation, an ideal solution when you want multiple employees to clock in and out, quickly, from a centralized PC or tablet in your office or work location.

Physical Time Clocks

Choose from traditional swipe cards, proximity readers, key code entry, touch screens, or biometric access with a finger scan. Biometric technology protects your business from buddy punching and time theft.

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Make changing, moving, and scheduling employees easier than ever.

Schedule Permission Rules

Establish rules for assigning specific shifts to specific individuals or roles within the organization.

Determine Shift Eligibility

Outline the criteria for determining which individuals are eligible for each shift.

Employee Unavailability

Quickly view details of employees who are unavailable to work.

Scheduler Alert View

Receive instant alerts when schedules are created and made active.

Employee Shift Requests

Allow employees to request specific shifts that they would like to work.

Maintain Draft Status of Added or Edited Shifts

Keep schedules in draft form while they are being edited by managers and supervisors

Coverage Requests

Allow employees to request shift coverage from their peers. Create rules to limit who has permissions to cover requested shifts.

Employee and Manager Self-Service

Add a personal touch to your onboarding experience by including documents and even videos highlighting your organization's values, expectations, and goals.

Workforce Scheduling

Enhanced shift-based scheduling.

Optimize Your Scheduling Process

Categorize roles, schedule employees as large groups, and set schedules.

Customizable Values

Determine how employees are counted per shift based on number of work hours, occupancy percentages, number of beds, and more.

Staffing Rules

Build rules based on employee count types and daily staffing needs.

Simplified Communication

Notify eligible employees to fill open shifts to eliminate shift shortages.

Expense Management

Streamlined expense reporting seamlessly integrated with your payroll.

Automate Your Workflow

Create custom fields for expenses and assign delegates to help streamline the expense reporting process for employees. This improves efficiency and make the process more convenient for both the employee and the approvers.

Reimburse Employees Faster

Give employees the ability to manage their own expenditures and provide them with a tool that is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Boost Employee Satisfaction

By prioritizing the employee experience and creating a positive and purposeful culture, organizations can increase productivity and engagement and foster a sense of belonging and purpose within the team.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Streamline the expense process by eliminating paperwork and giving administrators a single, centralized location to view expenses.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Improve team collaboration and efficiency by simplifying the expense processing process with a user-friendly dashboard and real-time reporting, while also reducing overhead costs and improving visibility.

Enhance Fraud Prevention

Digital expense reports must include receipts and all necessary information to support submitted expenses, and offer a central location for managing all employee expenses.