Payroll & HR

Bring the essential functions of payroll and HR together to simplify your people management.

Why choose Greenlink for payroll?

Industry Expertise

Our team of payroll and tax experts possess the experience and the technical knowledge to provide reliable, accurate, and timely support to your organization.

Automated Workflows

Save time by consolidating employee data into a single, comprehensive source to eliminate the need to switch platforms, log in to multiple systems, or re-enter information.

Streamline Administrative Tasks

Automatically calculate, file, and pay taxes to agencies, take advantage of eligible tax credits, and minimize the risk of penalties for errors and incorrect payments.

Payroll Processing

Simple. Scalable. Secure.

Eliminate Errors

Guarantee visibility into potential errors before processing each payroll run to eliminate redundancies and avoid costly mistakes and penalties. The online portal allows you to access your payroll from any computer or mobile device, and robust reports and payroll previews confirm error-free payroll processing.

Tax Filing and Compliance

Ease your administrative burden by automating tax calculation, filing, and payment processes. Our team of tax experts confirm that you stay in compliance and avoid hidden fees or penalties and ensure that your taxes are paid on time and accurately. From state to federal taxes and quarterly to end of year filings, we have you covered all the way through to delivering your W2s.

Automated Adjustments

Seamless incorporation of changes to employee pay, ensuring that all employees are accurately compensated for their time and work.

  • Garnishments
  • Benefits Elections
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Bonuses and Commissions
  • Retirement Plans
  • Corporate Giving Programs

More Ways to Pay Your People

Streamline the management of direct deposits, pay cards, and on-demand earned wage access for employees across various classification categories, locations, and lifestyle preferences. Give your employees the option to receive their paychecks via direct deposit and/or check cards at no extra cost to you, and lower shipping fees with our no-fee direct deposit option.

Customized Reporting

Make use of integrated reports on cash needs, past payroll data, W-2 notifications, and tax deposit notices to improve efficiency and reduce expenses. Greenlink offers flexible reporting options that can be accessed in the format that works best for your teams. Choose from a library of pre-built report templates or build custom report templates that meet specific needs of your organization.

"The reporting is fabulous, and I can give my upper management all the information in any format they need it."

Robyn Gray
Triax Industries, LLC

Earned Wage Access

Offering wages on demand allows employees to access their earned wages before their payday, which can improve their financial well-being and make them more satisfied with their job. Greenlink's solution requires no manual processing or file uploads and eliminates the financial risk and capital disruption for employers.

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Streamline Processes

By using a central database for employee information, Greenlink's technology allows for a more efficient and streamlined HR process. This includes eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms or manually enter data, resulting in a faster time-to-hire and a smoother onboarding experience for new hires. Additionally, the use of electronic records helps to reduce errors and eliminate inefficiencies in HR workflows.

Ensure Compliance

Efficiently gather and process employee information, confirm eligibility, and send required notices, as well as calculate tax payments. In addition, the system includes features that help to ensure compliance with employment regulations and mitigate risk by providing automatic updates on the latest regulatory changes. This can help organizations to avoid penalties and improve overall compliance across their workforce.

Comprehensive Reporting

Create tailored reports to suit their specific needs and access valuable insights to inform decision making. This feature is particularly useful for HR departments as it allows them to identify trends and patterns in employee data, identify areas for improvement, and measure the effectiveness of HR programs and initiatives, ultimately leading to more informed decision making and optimized HR strategies and resources.

Improved Employee Experience

Enable employees to access key data from any device, complete forms, update personal information, and manage life events through a personalized and modern employee experience. This can lead to improved employee engagement and a more positive work environment, resulting in increased productivity and a more loyal and motivated workforce.

Human Resources

Optimize your HR workflows.

Employee & Manager Self-Service

Empower your people.

Save Time & Resources

Allow supervisors to access time-sensitive information easily, reducing administrative burden and backlogs.

Enhance Employee Experience

Provide user-friendly self-service access to personal data, pay stubs, W-2 forms, paid time off balances, and pending changes antime, anywhere.

Keep Life Moving

Allow employees and managers to complete forms, update personal information, review requests, and manage life events on their own.

Business Intelligence

Do more with your data.

Get in-depth organizational insights and drive actionable results with easy-to-use AI and predictive workforce tools. Our single-source platform allows you to leverage your payroll & HR data across the entire organization.

  • Predictive People Analytics
  • Intelligent Reporting
  • Conversational Virtual Assistant