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Attract, hire, onboard, and develop your people... all in one place.

The job market is evolving. Are you?

Streamline your hiring with customizable solutions built to help you optimize every state of your recruiting process. Whether you want to scale your team quickly, source remote candidates or reach diverse talent, our hiring platform gives you the technology to find the best-fit candidates for your open roles and onboard them efficiently.


of businesses have difficulty finding top talent which means the average time to hire of 36 days, and resulting $4,129 in soft costs, is increasing.


of HR and IT leaders say finding, attracting, and retaining talent is a main issue driving HR-tech expansion. (PwC)


of talent professionals agree virtual recruiting will continue post-COVID and 70% believe it will become the new standard. (LinkedIn)


of companies using an applicant tracking system say recruitment tech makes hiring easier than ever, while only 50% are using one. (Accurate)

Attract Better Talent Faster

Source passive candidates into talent pools, incorporate employee referrals, and post your open positions to 4,000+ job boards in a single click.

First Impressions Matter

Make the right first impression and ensure a seamless candidate experience with white-labeled, mobile friendly career sites and applications.

Smarter Hiring Decisions

Reduce the time to hire through built-in collaboration tools that drive communication between team members. provides rapid feedback, and candidate scoring.

Access Actionable Insights

Inform and improve your hiring process with robust reporting. Pre-built and customized reporting means you can make better hiring decisions in less time.

Stay Top of Mind

Easily communicate every step of the way with one-click email templates, assessments, and interview scheduling.

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Digital Onboarding

Ensure consistency, compliance, and understanding of organizational culture from day one.

Optimized Onboarding Process

No more manual data entry. Automated workflows pre-fill records with the relevant information you need directly from the applicant tracking system.

Employment Eligibility Verification

Save time and money while reducing the risk of errors by using our built-in I-9 processing with electronic signatures, which eliminates paper forms and simplifies tax processing.

Additionally, E-Verify is built directly into the onboarding system, further simplifying the verification process.

Managed Compliance Documentation

Gather, monitor, and store all your onboarding forms and internal documentation, including federal and state tax forms, natively in the onboarding system.

Customized Templates

Leverage pre-built or customized onboarding templates, permission sets, and communication plans specific to role, location, and job category.

Digital Self-Service Onboarding

Eliminate paperwork, filing cabinets, and in-person onboarding processes. New hires can complete all their onboarding tasks from any smart phone, tablet, or computer with our robust self-service solution.

Introduce Your Company Culture

Add a personal touch to your onboarding experience by including documents and even videos highlighting your organization's values, expectations, and goals.

Reduced Stress

During onboarding, you can make sure that the new employee understands expectations and has a clear vision of the company’s values, which will reduce the stress that comes along with starting a new job.

Improved Job Performance

When a new hire clearly understands the expectations of the job as well as the company culture, the performance is much better. Take time to reduce ambiguity around policies and responsibilities.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

By spending time with the new hire and providing information about the goals and vision of the company as well as outlining job duties, you can provide a foundation for increased satisfaction.

Better Retention

When employees are happy within a company, the odds of them seeking other opportunities are much lower. As a result, stress reduction, improved performance, and job satisfaction all add up to the ultimate goal of higher rates of retention.

Key benefits of a better onboarding process.

The onboarding process is the foundation on which your company's culture is built. It's your new hire's introduction to their team and work-life. Ensure it's a positive first step with a seamless and thorough onboarding experience.

Employee Development

Retain and grow your talent.

Building and sustaining a culture that is positive, creative, and engaging has never been more important to acquire and retain employee talent. Ensure continuous engagement, collaboration, and development by leveraging our solutions:

  • Culture Development
  • Learning Management System
  • Robust Content Library
  • Engagement & Performance Management