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Greenlink enhances your recruitment process by focusing on streamlined strategies to connect you with top talent faster, ensuring effective talent acquisition aligned with your business goals. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service is designed to make your hiring more efficient, cost effective, and aligned with your unique needs.

Industry Expertise

Third-party recruiters can cut hiring costs by up to 45%.


of HR and IT leaders say finding, attracting, and retaining talent is a main issue driving HR-tech expansion. (PwC)

Quality of Hire

80% of employers report higher quality candidates from outsourced recruitment.(LinkedIn)

Return on Investment

Companies focusing on recruitment see 3.5x revenue growth on average.(Accurate)

Our Approach

Why partner with Greenlink?

Unmatched Expertise

Leverage our extensive recruitment knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of talent acquisition. Our team of experts is equipped to deliver top-notch candidates across various industries, ensuring that you always have the best talent.

Streamlined Efficiency

Experience a significant reduction in time-to-hire with our advanced recruitment processes and technology. Our efficient methods not only speed up the hiring cycle but also enhance the quality of hires by seamlessly integrating with your existing HR systems.

Tailored Customization

Benefit from recruitment solutions specifically designed to meet your unique business challenges. Whether it's scaling your team quickly or finding niche skill sets, our customized approach aligns with your strategic objectives, offering flexibility and precision.

Comprehensive Support

Enjoy full support throughout the recruitment process, from initial sourcing to successful onboarding. Our comprehensive service ensures a seamless transition for new hires and a stress-free experience for your HR team, fostering a positive start to the employment relationship.

Data-Driven Insights

Make informed decisions with our regular reporting on key recruitment metrics. Our data-driven insights facilitate continuous process improvement and strategic planning, helping you optimize your recruitment strategy and achieve better outcomes.

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Sourcing & Screening

Our expert recruiters proactively source and meticulously screen candidates to ensure a perfect match for your company’s needs. We utilize advanced tools and a vast network to find top talent, handling all aspects of preliminary assessments to deliver a curated list of qualified candidates.

Interview Scheduling

We coordinate all logistics, ensuring that both candidates and hiring managers have a smooth experience. Our team manages timelines, communications, and follow-ups, allowing you to focus on selecting the best candidate without the administrative burden.

Job Descriptions & Compensation Planning

Craft compelling job descriptions and strategically plan compensation packages with our expertise. We help you attract the right talent by aligning the job roles with market standards and your company’s strategic goals, ensuring clarity and competitiveness in your offerings.

Reference & Background Checks

Ensure the integrity and reliability of your new hires with our thorough background checks and drug screening services. We conduct comprehensive verifications, from employment history to legal compliance, providing peace of mind and safeguarding your workplace.

Offer Letter & Onboarding in iSolved

Transition candidates from prospect to team member with personalized offer letters and a streamlined onboarding process designed to welcome and integrate them into your company seamlessly. Our service includes drafting customized offer letters and managing all onboarding logistics to ensure a smooth start.

New Hire Training Path

Set new employees up for success with our structured training path services. We design and implement training programs tailored to the specific roles and responsibilities of new hires, accelerating their productivity and integration into your team.

Recruitment 360

White-Glove Talent Acquisition

Recruitment on-Demand

Traditional Recruiting

Recruitment On-Demand is designed to swiftly address your immediate hiring needs with targeted assistance. This streamlined service focuses exclusively on Sourcing, Screening, Submitting, and Scheduling—providing essential recruitment functions to enhance adaptability without the extensive features of our Recruitment 360 offering. Ideal for quick hires and urgent staffing requirements, Recruitment On-Demand ensures efficient, high-quality candidate placement, precisely when you need it.